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Haro Coffee Export PLC is an Ethiopian green coffee Exporter and Trading Company founded in Soreli Haro, West Guji 20 years ago. Our company is recognized for high quality Specialty and Commercial coffee farming, sourcing, grading, trading and exporting the finest coffees of both washed & natural green beans from the birthplace of Arabica coffee to the global coffee buyers and roasters. The company has built a world of experience, taste, science and art around the pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee./p>

"Coffea arabica, originates in Ethiopia, Arabica Coffee is Ethiopia's Gift to the World". We have a long history in the coffee trade. The Company has vast experience in Coffee business in Ethiopia, as a local supplier by the name of Awol Nuri. Haro Coffee Export was established [on 2nd of December, 2003] 20 years ago in Ethiopia as Coffee supplier by the name of Awol Nuri in Oromia Region, Guji Zone, Sorile Haro.

The Guji area is suitable for farming, and is blessed with many regional land races of Coffee that are indiginous to the area often having grown naturally in the area for decades.

This is our very first goal in Haro Coffee, that's why we are one of the best green coffee beans suppliers. We have always pursued the goal of improving the quality of life for everyone. We strengthened our commitment as a stakeholder company by adopting the status of Benefit Company. This underlines our determination to continue to grow by operating in a sustainable way for the communities we interact with, integrating this commitment into our corporate statuses.

Haro Coffee provides Washed, Speciality, Commercial, Anarobic and Honey Coffee Types.

Haro Coffee own and manages 2 washing stations, 3 dry mill, 5 Ware house stores in Guji area and partnership with more than 2000 coffee farmers to offer diverse coffee selection.

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Our Business is based on our core values


At Haro Coffee we have a vision to see Guji specialty coffee enjoyed by specialty coffee buyers, roasters and their consumer clients around the world.

This enables us to help Ethiopia to achieve the world wide brand recognition its specialty coffee deserve.


We try our best to produce, process and export single origin coffee from our own specialty coffee drying stations located in Kercha, Shakiso, Bule Hora Hambela Wamena and Uraga. We strongly work to operate our company on a basis of sustainable and profitable growth improving values for our coffee out grower farmers, coffee suppliers, staffs, their families and laborers.


Haro Coffee is committed to produce and sourcing single origin natural export standard Q-grade green coffee beans from Guji Zone. Our long-term experiences in coffee production, processing and exporting of Ethiopian coffee compels us to work with Haro Coffee farmers and suppliers who share our values.

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